Slow is just another word for timeless

But to us, slow fashion means refining timeless clothes, living in the here and now, and staying true to our roots. Actually, slow fashion doesn’t even mean “fashion” as such to us. What we do is make cool, contemporary garments for confident girls who want to put a little extra niceness and style into their everyday lives. Simple as that.                                                               
Slow fashion according to Monamici also means using high quality, sustainable and certified fabrics that won’t take an unnecessary toll on our planet, as well as producing our clothes close to our home in Sweden. It also entails creating only small collections; our customers don’t need to choose from ten tops in five different cuts and five different fabrics each. Another important part of our definition of slow fashion is being easy to combine – with other pieces or even other brands – to create just the look your girl is looking for on any given day.                                                                                                                                    
In short, Monamici is an honest and quality-driven brand for girls who want to look like themselves: unique, cool, nice and stylish.